August 5th & 6th
Programs begin at 9:30pm PST
Building Five
2516 NW 29th Ave, Portland, OR
August 12th & 13th
Programs begin at 8:00pm EST
Bok Building
1901 S 9th St, Philadelphia, PA

For Anna Magnani; Nightmares and Visions
Nanda D'Agostino
Digital video
At the beginning of 2022 I was struggling to find ways to be an artist in the face of the rise of authoritarianism , white supremacy and gun violence in the United States. Making personal work felt impossible and irrelevant. Searching for historical models of art making in the face of impossible times I remembered Roberto Rossellini’s World War 2 Trilogy and particularly his anti-fascist masterpiece Rome Open City. In it Anna Magnani gives a ground breaking performance as Pina the partner of a partisan fighter risking everything to liberate the city. There is a minute long scene where Francisco is being hauled away by the Nazis where Magnani embodies every emotion I had been feeling. I became obsessed with that scene and must have watched it 50 times. At the same time I was thinking about embodied and generational trauma and how it lives in our bodies, and ways that we as women can heal ourselves and each other. For Anna Magnani; Nightmares and Visions is my distillation of those throwntogether struggles to come to terms with our present moment.

Grief Kink
Sarah Turner
Digital video
Know Yourself. Part guided meditation, part psycho-spiritual ritual, the Oracle of Alfred, NY seduces you into sitting with your grief.

when the caustic cools
Mel Carter
Digital video

Sarah Brahim
Digital video

safehouse ii
ariella tai
Digital video

Make a thing. Break it
Satpreet Kahlon
Digital video

Daniel Coka
Digital video

Fundamental Indeterminacy
Sim Hahahah
Digital video

A short tour through time and space in the city of brotherly love.

Pylon Genesis
Sam Dellert (with Shae Belenski & Brooke Shilling)
8mm transferred to digital video

A creation myth told via traffic cone aesthetics.

Good English Bad (American)
Guava Rhee
Digital video

Through reconstructing the childhood experiences of exclusion, translation, and mis-translation, the artist explores queer desire and Korean diaspora.

“Oh—D~~~!!” Title Card (Reel 2)
Zoe Chronis
16mm transferred to digital video

This 16mm film reel depicts a hand-lettered card copied from the 1919 film Daddy Long Legs. A twist ending reveals the word's place in the world.

Getting Birth
Pam Price and George Shands
Digital video

Pam Price and George Shands dub over a cesarean scene from General Hospital circa 1980s. Pam and George use surreal dialogue to interrogate the intersections of disability, birth, and daytime television.

John Muse & Brendamaris Rodriguez
Digital video

giroscopio is a short experimental film by two artists, one in Pennsylvania and one in Puerto Rico, each in pandemic lockdown, each disoriented. Objects seem to control them; their bodies are unbalanced, unwieldy, comical. The horizon spins; the ground falls away; and yet a strange wonder reigns. / giroscopio es un cortometraje experimental de dos artistas, uno en Pensilvania y otro en Puerto Rico, cada uno en confinamiento por la pandemia, cada uno desorientado. Los objetos parecen controlarlos; sus cuerpos son desequilibrados, difíciles de manejar, cómicos. El horizonte gira; el suelo se cae; y, sin embargo, reina una extraña maravilla.

Liquid Life
Bambi Angel
5:57 minutes
Music: Teva Suite by Holly Waxwing & Sunlight On Your Skin by Lil Peep
Includes interview excerpt of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

Liquid Life is a meditation on the pain and joy of metamorphosis; hitting the glass ceiling within oneself and breaking through. Ice cracking, melting permafrost. The jubilant unfolding and unfurling that comes from choosing love and mutability.