Mobile Projection Unit and Lino Kino members participated in an ongoing reading and discussion group as part of the incubation period for throwntogetherness. This page functions as a digital repository of all the readings that were shared and discussed by members of the collectives in the course of organizing the collabroative screening series.

Our Space: Take the Net in Your Hands by Stephanie Bailey

Atlas of Emotion: Journeys in Art Architecture and Film by Giuliana Bruno

The Internet as Social Spiritual Space by Heidi Campbell

Ethnicity as Counterculture by Ken Chen

Curating Wrong Places... Or Where Have All the Penguins Gone by Claire Doherty

Religion in the Age of Digital Reproduction by Boris Groys

Brooklyn's Experimental Frontiers by Jasmine Mahmoud

For Space: A Relational Politics of the Spatial by Doreen Massey

Geographies of Responsibility by Doreen Massey

Duty Free Art by Hito Steyrl

Network Culture: Free Labor by Tiziana Terranova